We are experienced Retail Loss Prevention Specialists. Retailers, corporations, property owners experienced losses daily. Losses resulting from external theft, fraud, property damage and dishonest employees. PROAM has in-house professionals with over 25 years of Retail Loss Prevention Experience. We will conduct a risk analysis within your environment to determine areas of vulnerability.

PROAM offers a unique Civil Loss Recovery Program. Our Program will help you recoup some of your losses.

This program will work for: businesses, retail, property owners, restaurants, food and beverage, casinos, and hotels. A loss is incurred resulting from criminal activity, trespassing or property damage. Regardless if police are involved and press criminal charges against the offener, our program will work for you.

Make the Right Choice

With over 700 licensed security agencies within the province of Ontario, how do you choose the agency that's right for your organization? You choose based on professional recommendations and referrals. Agencies that continue to get results for their clients, time and time again. PROAM Security only employs experts for security and investigation requirements. No need to shop around - we ensure your needs are met, whatever they may be.

PROAM Security - Simply the best in the business.