Civil Recovery was implemented in Canada in the early 1990’s. This legal proceeding allows retailers and business owners the opportunity to recover losses resulting from Criminal Acts committed within their environment.

PROAM provides the administration for our clients working with our in house legal professionals. PROAM employees are not lawyers but we have partnered with the best lawyers to ensure our clients get all the legal benefits they are entitled.

Operating on a National level, clients can be assured they are getting the best results across Canada, not just provincially or locally. Retailers lose in excess of $4 billion dollars every year to theft and fraud. That equates to $8 million dollars every day. The numbers are staggering.

Businesses have come to realize that our Criminal Court system has become so bogged down that recovering lost dollars through the Courts is nearly impossible. Police services are strained and require focus on more serious offenses and investigations. They don’t want to attend businesses to investigate theft or fraud committed by dishonest employees, or a shoplifter. Our clients are still entitled to recover their losses.

Through our Civil Recovery program clients are enjoying exceptional recovery results, putting dollars right back into their bottom line. This is pure profit, found money.

PROAM only gets compensated when we recover lost dollars for our client.

It’s a WIN – WIN.

Our Civil Recovery program includes two legal demand letters being sent to offenders, not one letter like the competition. Legal demand letters generated by our team of legal professionals and mailed to offenders within 24 hours of PROAM receiving the file.

All reports can be completed on line for easy and confidential submission.

PROAM is compliant with all privacy legislation.